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(NRP-236) Genome of a [i]Streptomyces[/i] bacterium

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Genome of a Streptomyces bacterium
Andrew Truman & Natalia Miguel-Vior, John Innes Centre

Pathways for the biosynthesis of bioactive natural products can be readily identified in bacterial genomes by clusters of biosynthetic genes. Widespread genome sequencing has revealed that bacteria have the genetic potential to produce many more bioactive natural products than was previously known from the traditional analysis of bacterial metabolites. This image from the Truman Laboratory at the John Innes Centre on the Norwich Research Park shows a graphical representation of the genome of an antibiotic-producing Streptomyces bacterium. This 6.5 megabase genome is linear, and gene clusters predicted to be involved in the biosynthesis of bioactive natural products are shown as orange bars. These are characteristically found at the “arms” of the chromosome. The use of MinION nanopore sequencing, which uses a USB stick-sized device to sequence DNA, assisted in the generation of a high-quality genome.

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