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(NRP-197) [i]Microbispora corallina[/i] colony

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Microbispora corallina colony
Juan Pablo Gomez-Escribano and Kim Findlay, John Innes Centre

Actinomycete bacteria provide more than three quarters of all compounds used as antibiotics. Microbispora corallinais the producer of a new antibiotic, microbisporicin, which is currently undergoing clinical trials prior to its introduction as a medicine; it is a very promising antibiotic that we at the John Innes Centre on the Norwich Research Park will help us fight the increasing problem of infectious bacteria that are resistant to most of our current antibiotics. In this image, the colony can be seen as a two millimetres disk in the red box and has been scanned with electron microscopy to reveal the filamentous structure and the rounded shape of the spores which will develop into new colonies.

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