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(NRP-168) A novel vaccine design strategy

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A novel vaccine design strategy
Hadrien Peyret and Andrew Davis, John Innes Centre

These ultracentrifuge tubes (photographed under UV light) have provided scientists working at the John Innes Centre on the Norwich Research Park with evidence that "tandibody" vaccine design strategy works. Tandibody technology consists of using plants to produce a virus-like particle (VLP) with a nanobody (single-domain antibody fragment) fused to the surface of the VLP. The nanobody can then bind to its target antigen (in the case of this image, Green Fluorescent Protein), which coats the surface of the VLP, resulting in the antigen being displayed on the surface of the VLP. This is likely to increase its immunogenicity, with important consequences for designing the next generation of safe and effective vaccines.

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