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The NRP is an international centre of excellence in life and environmental sciences. Our aim is to deliver solutions to the global challenges of healthy ageing, food and energy security, sustainability and environmental change. Come in and explore our collection of images.

(NRP-205) Turn your flower into cauliflower
Turn your flower into cauliflower
Zigmunds Orlovskis, Allyson Maclean and Andrew Dav...
Phytoplasmas are plant pathogens that are able to modulate flower development in their host plants. Phytoplasma secrete a virulence protein or effector called SAP54, that is able to turn normal flowe...
(NRP-194) Aphid mother and nymphs
Aphid mother and nymphs
Claire Drurey, John Innes Centre...
Myzus persicae adult and two nymphs feeding on Arabidopsis. Aphids possess mouthparts composed of stylets that navigate to the plant vascular system, predominantly the phloem, for long-term fee...
(NRP-274) Disease Cat and Mouse
Disease Cat and Mouse
Matt Heaton, John Innes Centre...
Unchecked, fungal rusts infect and destroy cereal crops but finding them is an ongoing game of cat and mouse. To identify rust outbreaks before they grow too large to control, researchers drive huge d...
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(NRP-307) Topoisomerases at work(NRP-304) Robotic assisted surgery with Mr Muhammad Rafiq, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital(NRP-302) Pioneering Diagnostic Device(NRP-301) Wheat infected with the blast fungus in Meherpur, Bangladesh. (NRP-295) Putting the heat on insect reproduction(NRP-294) 3 week old Marchantia paleacea (NRP-292) Digesting mycoprotein(NRP-291) Natural blue swirl(NRP-290) ZYPing up genes(NRP-289) Life On A Root(NRP-288) Stem Rust infecting Barberry(NRP-287) A Bowl of Blue(NRP-286) Sky at night(NRP-285) Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle(NRP-284) Leafhopper nymph(NRP-283) A flower from the baobab tree (NRP-282) AfriPlantSci19 - DNA extraction from local Kenyan plant tissue(NRP-281) AfriPlantSci19 - Molecular Biology(NRP-280) AfriPlantSci19 Summer School - Plant Stress Research Labs(NRP-279) Expression of GFP in a Kenyan Amaranth Species (NRP-275) An Uncertain Future(NRP-274) Disease Cat and Mouse(NRP-273) Mobile diagnostic lab(NRP-272) Working with farmers(NRP-269) Rings - take 2(NRP-268) Colony landscape(NRP-267) Rings -  take 1(NRP-266) A cosy lawn(NRP-262) Delayed Fluorescence in Arabidopsis(NRP-251) Streptomyces coelicor: one microbe, many antibiotics(NRP-250) Starch Granules from Durum Wheat with Mutations in Starch Branching Enzyme IIa and IIb(NRP-249) Starch Granules from Durum Wheat with Mutations in Starch Branching Enzyme IIa and IIb(NRP-248) Starch Granules from Durum Wheat(NRP-247) Brassica napus pod section(NRP-246) Streptomyces bacteria spore chains(NRP-245) Streptomyces bacteria spore chains(NRP-244) Streptomyces bacteria (NRP-243) Streptomyces bacteria (NRP-242) Streptomyces bacteria (NRP-241) Awesome Actinomycetes(NRP-240) 3D printed leafcutter ant(NRP-239) 3D printed leafcutter ant(NRP-238) 3D leafcutter ant (NRP-237) Sequence alignment of bacterial peptides(NRP-236) Genome of a Streptomyces bacterium(NRP-234) Comparison of biosynthetic gene clusters(NRP-232) MALDI TOF on a leafcutter ant(NRP-229) Glowing oat seedlings(NRP-228) Leafcutter ants foraging for leaves(NRP-227) Cartoon of a leafcutter ant carrying a leaf(NRP-226) Streptomyces coelicolor growing on an agar plate(NRP-225) Streptomyces pigments(NRP-223) Streptomyces coelicolor (NRP-222) Streptomyces coelicolor(NRP-220) Fungus-growing ants(NRP-219) Fruits of the forest: ash dieback fungus(NRP-218) A new planet(NRP-217) Fijian double canoe 8-2015(NRP-216) Zombie flower(NRP-215) Strip to the guts(NRP-213) Asian soybean rust infection on a leaf(NRP-212) Leaf-like flowers(NRP-211) Move bacteria by moving sugars(NRP-209) Better green than yellow(NRP-208) Beneficial relationship(NRP-207) Parasitic guts(NRP-206) Colourful leaves(NRP-205) Turn your flower into cauliflower(NRP-204) Travelling by insect!(NRP-203) How to produce more eggs(NRP-202) The enemy of your enemy is not your friend(NRP-201) Making plants more attractive(NRP-200) Tracking Bustards(NRP-199) Analysis of antibiotic production(NRP-198) Inflorescence of an oilseed rape plant(NRP-197) Microbispora corallina colony(NRP-196) Streptomyces NRP colours(NRP-195) Black-footed ferret(NRP-194) Aphid mother and nymphs(NRP-193) Aphids feeding on Arabidopsis(NRP-192) Escherichia coli in the human intestine(NRP-190) The pea aphid (NRP-189) TZ Arabidopsis seed timecourse(NRP-188) Delivery of DNA into E.coli (NRP-187) Computer modelling of lipid rafts in biological membranes(NRP-186) Nicotiana benthamiana leaf showing hypersensitive response(NRP-185) Germinating spores(NRP-184) Plant response to the antibiotic ciprofloxacin(NRP-183) Postgraduate student dedication(NRP-182) Ash dieback disease(NRP-181) Yellow rust disease on wheat leaf(NRP-180) Streptomyces coelicolor gusArt(NRP-179) Leafcutter ant fungus garden(NRP-178) Actinomycetes isolated from leafcutter ants(NRP-177) Leafcutter ant with rose petal(NRP-176) Leafcutter ants(NRP-175) Acromyrmex octospinosus leafcutter ant(NRP-174) Leafcutter ant close up(NRP-173) Life in earth(NRP-172) Petty spurge pollen grain(NRP-171) New balls, please!(NRP-170) European roller(NRP-169) Virus-like particles produced in plants(NRP-168) A novel vaccine design strategy(NRP-167) S35 Sanger sequencing autoradiograph(NRP-166) Yeast plasmid(NRP-165) Rusts on leaves(NRP-164) Structure of the Sco3205 protein bound to DNA(NRP-163) Protein crystal (NRP-162) Genetic diversity for wheat improvement(NRP-161) Escherichia coli expressing chromoproteins(NRP-160) Shipboard measurements(NRP-159) Late blight pathogen on a leaf(NRP-158) Rocky shore ecology(NRP-157) Seaweeds and trace gases(NRP-156) Sampling the marine plankton(NRP-155) Lava ocean entry(NRP-154) Modeling volcano deformation(NRP-153) B.oleracea heading date variation(NRP-152) Colonization of legume roots(NRP-151) Cryptococcus shivajii(NRP-150) Saccharomyces paradoxus(NRP-149) Schizosaccharomyces pombe(NRP-148) Diversity in Pisum seeds(NRP-147) Wheat yellow rust(NRP-146) Wax on wheat leaves(NRP-145) Integrating wheat genomics(NRP-144) Arabidopsis flowers (NRP-143) NorR activator protein(NRP-142) Grass buffer strips(NRP-141) The riparian zone(NRP-140) Agriculture & climate change(NRP-139) Nitrogen cycle enzymes(NRP-138) Sediment trap deployment(NRP-137) Resilient resistance(NRP-136) Hydrogen isotopes in wheat(NRP-135) Green vaccine machine(NRP-134) Agroinfiltration(NRP-133) Microbial mats(NRP-132) Methylococcus capsulatus in Bath(NRP-131) Methane monooxygenase(NRP-130) Lonar Lake, India(NRP-129) Microbiology of Movile cave(NRP-128) Conservation and fisheries(NRP-126) Vernalization in Arabidopsis(NRP-123) Frog pigment cells(NRP-122) African clawed frog embryos(NRP-121) African clawed frog tadpoles(NRP-120) Induced cell death(NRP-119) 3-D structure of protein(NRP-118) Protein crystals(NRP-117) Protein crystals(NRP-116) Giant lime green stick insect(NRP-115) Colony of the bumble bee  (NRP-114) Albugo candida infection (NRP-113) Marine fish abundance(NRP-112) Metabolic engineering(NRP-111) Strictosidine from periwinkle(NRP-109) Marine hermit crabs(NRP-108) Scrawled filefish (NRP-105) Death's-head hawkmoth (NRP-104) Leaf cutter ant(NRP-103) Nicotiana benthamiana(NRP-102) Transforming MRSA(NRP-101) Avenacin in oat root(NRP-100) Streptomycetes sequencing(NRP-99) DNA sequencing on the Norwich Research Park(NRP-98) SMRT cell technology(NRP-97) Methane oxidising bacteria(NRP-96) MinION channel (NRP-95) Bacterial biofilm coating(NRP-94) Sequencing technology(NRP-93) Pseudomonas fluorescens  (NRP-90) Fluorescence microscopy(NRP-89) Mycobacterium tuberculosis(NRP-87) DNA gyrase bond(NRP-82) 3D leafcutter ant(NRP-81) Fungus-growing ants(NRP-79) Antibiotic production(NRP-78) DNA gyrase(NRP-77) Giant lime green stick insect(NRP-76) Engineering antibiotics(NRP-75) Novel antibiotic: Coelimycin(NRP-74) Streptomyces coelicolor (NRP-73) Streptomyces glaucescens(NRP-72) Streptomyces cinnamoneus (NRP-71) Marine Streptomyces species(NRP-69) Microbisporicin production (NRP-68) Streptomyces coelicolor colonies
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